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Wireless LAN security- what you need to know before buying wireless LAN routers or wireless lan cards

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What is a wireless LAN and why is Wireless LAN security so important

Wireless Lans are often esoterically referred to as 802.11 local area  anetwork technology or simply wlans or Wi-Fi.   For the unitiated, all that this means is using wireless lans you can connect to any network including the  internet.

Whats so great about Wireless LANs and why are wireless lan security 

Wireless LANs allow you to have a single internet or network connection in your home or office area and access it using without the bother of cabling wires- so that you can roam about the house/office area and still access the network. Thats why wireless lan security is so important

The wireless LAN security problem.

Some ways to reduce the severity of the wireless LAN security problem

The first point is to recognize that wireless LAN security problems are here to stay until a new technology comes along. The existing 802.11 wireless technologies are severely vulnerable to wireless LAN security issues

Some options to reduce the wireless lan security risk

 This WEP (wireless encryption protocol ) provides for user and data encryption to safeguard the privileged data from being exploited by hackers of wireless lans. But WEP is not a fool-proof protocol solution for wireless lan  security and does not offer adequate protection to wireless lans since it can be easily manipulated

This is an really practical solution at least for corporate wireless networks- Most companies have already invested in VPN network infrastructure- The corporate security  policy should mandate use of VPN while accessing a wireless LAN so that potential security risks in using wireless lans are plugged and wireless lan security is assured to some extent

Wireless LAN security products


Airdefence is a wireless LAN security intrusion detection system that detects unauthorized access to the wireless lan systems

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