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Reviews of tape data recovery, typical tape problems, tape recovery methods,tape recovery software

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Reviews of four typical tape data recovery problems


Every data storage device has some disadvantage, the key disadvantage of tape data storage is the sequential access of tape devices. If there is a problem in a particular  segment of the tape, all subsequent parts of the tape become inaccessible and tape data recovery needs to be done to recover the lost tape data

Recently, there was a huge clamor for tape data recovery due to the  Katrina and Rita  hurricane disasters damaged an incredible number of tapes and tape drives in data centers

Tape data recovery was necessitated since the seepage of water caused tapes to be physically damaged due to corrosion. Also, any access to corroded tapes would damage the tape drives, further exacerbating the tape data recovery problems and leading to 'Read Error' or 'Read Failure' messages.

Imagine the tape data recovery scenario that happens every day in data centers.

Classic tape overwriting needing tape data recovery :You have mission critical data recorded in a tape. Due to working long hours, you start recording some other data into the same tape. Ouch! You realize your mistake but the tape recorder has already put a 'End Of File' record onto the tape, so that you are unable to access even the data that has not been overwritten.

Tape drive tracking problems are caused by wrong alignment of tape heads or damage to tape system areas,necessitating tape data recovery.

Tape data recovery : Three Classic good practices for tape data care


Just because some automated script backs up your tape regularly doesnt mean that your tape data recovery is done. Have regular tape integrity audits done that include manual procedures apart from automated checks involving tape backup logs.

Popular tape data backup and tape data recovery software

The bottomline for tape data recovery   

Tape data backups and tape data recovery are used widely due to the lower costs, however tape data backups tend to sensitive and call for careful handing and the use of a professional tape data recovery vendor is advised.

In view of the Katrina disaster , have you formulated your data center disaster recovery strategy yet?

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