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Basics of Raid disk recovery or rather Raid disks for the newbie!

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If you are overwhelmed by disk drive data recovery technicians talking about Raid disks,you no longer need to be,just read what's next!

RAID disks are disks that build redundancy and are easier to recover !

Now,that you understand RAID disks,lets look at Raid disk levels

Raid Level 0 has no mirroring. In case you want to feel good about having RAID disks,but dont want to use its features,go for Level 0.Just be prepared to call a Raid disk recovery technician vendor as soon as there is a major problem

Raid level 1 has mirroring - copies of the disk are made on separate disks ,so there is less work for the Raid disk recovery professional and so less money spent in case of a Raid disk crash

Raid Level 2 has more features- data is protected by something called as Hamming Code - 1.

For the newbie Raid disk recovery guy,just understand that Raid Level 2 has more features than Raid Level 1

Parity check is stored on a separate disk but apart from this each virtual disk block is stored across all disks-so there is less of a problem if a single disk is damaged

By now,you must have realized that the added features of Raid Level 3 , Raid Level 2 and Raid Level 1 means they have a  price to pay - yeah,they are slower in write operations.

Raid Level 4 combines the features of Raid Level 0 and higher levels and offers data striping

Obviously,there can be an improvement even to Raid Level 4 (thats the way the Raid disk and Raid disk recovery companies make their money) - data parity is also distributed across disks

Raid Level 6 is similar to  RAID Level 5, but the parity check stuff is computed separately

Whew! That's all there is to Raid disk recovery! If you have a problem and need a Raid disk recovery expert,dont be embarrassed anymore about not knowing the Raid levels! 

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Last modified: December 12,2006