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Internet network data security basics and reviews- The threats, the cures and the strategies for internet network data security

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Why is internet network data security so important?

Internet network data security has assumed great importance since the quantum of mission critical data that is being  compromised has assumed great proportions. In fact, internet network data security is now a leading cause of national security concerns worldwide. 

Even in corporates ,  internet network data security topics in the form of intrusions into corporate mission critical data often invades the corporate  boardrooms, where black coated directors (who have hardly used a computer in their life)  debate on internet networking security strategies.

Internet network data security threats 

    This internet network data security threat makes use of the simple fact :All servers have only  a limited capacity to handle server requests. By making more requests to an internet network server than it can handle, this internet network data security threat brings down the server.

Denial of service has been used in the past to cause downtime of leading e-commerce firms, since it is an easy internet network  security threat to launch and quite difficult to counter.

      IP masquerading simply means being an IP imposter ! The server that is attacking your internet network server pretends to be someone else (with a different IP) and as a result, is able to gain unlawful access to the server being attacked. This internet network data security threat is possible because of the inherent poor authentication in the IP protocol.

      Session hijacking implies taking control of an user's session, resulting in a very serious internet network data security breach. For example, an user may be accessing some mission critical data or making an internet purchase. At that time, a session hijacker, takes control of the user session, thereby getting access to the sensitive session data. The user is led to believe that he has been logged out and he logs back in.

Session hijacking is an incredibly dangerous internet network data security threat wherein the attacker could compromise sensitive user data such as passwords, or even credit card information.

  This is by far, the most obvious and most dangerous internet network data security threat. Through either missing security patches in software or access to passwords, the attacker is able to pierce the authentication and authorization checks to get access to corporate databases and mission critical files

This internet network data security threat can be resolved only through prevention rather than cure by safeguarding passwords, tougher password rules etc. 

 It is amazing that we get so involved in guarding against internet based network data security threats that we do not realize that physical unauthorized access to our data center corporate servers is still the largest threat to internet network data security. Good data centers have network data security protection in the form of fingerprint based authentication and verification of credentials of all operations personnel visiting the data center.

network data security

Typical internet network data security best practices

   It is really tough to explain the concept of an optimum internet network data security strategy to a dumb boss! There is really no perfect internet network data security strategy and internet security breaches will occur unless you work on a standalone PC!

  So, the internet network data security alternative is to provide a balance between access to servers and restricted access through network data security practices.

   A typical good internet network data security practice is to outsource the hosting of corporate servers to a data center that can focus on providing great internet network data security, data center disaster recovery, and tough physical data center security. This implies posting a lot of burly securitymen at the data center, while simultaneously using advanced security gadgets to prevent direct access to servers by unauthorized personnel.

Everyone has an internet network data security policy, however, it is usually a 200 page piece of junk in an attractive binder

That's the whole problem with an internet network data security policy. Consultants make the internet network data security policy, and it sits on your boss's massive cabin. What is needed for an internet network data security policy to work is proper buy in from employees, dissemination of internet network data security information handouts to all employees and contractors and proper internet network data security audits.

The most frequent network data security attacks exploit the vulnerabilities of packaged software such as the operation system, the database or even specialized packages such as CRM or ERP packages.  A typical solution to this internet network data security problem is to update your database software (example : Oracle) or operating system software (example Solaris) with the latest patches or upgrades.

Get an industry standard network data security firewall and safeguard your network from unwarranted intrusions. Also, do period audits of your network data security firewall rules so that your internet network data security is not compromised.

 Use new network backup strategies such as remote data backups and data replication to take backups regularly, even when your systems are live. Also, safeguard your backups , as careless backup handling could be your biggest network internet data security threat.

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