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Intrusion detection reviews for networking security

What is intrusion detection and how does it aid networking security?

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Intrusion detection is the science of detection of malicious activity on a computer network and the basic driver for networking security. Intrusion detection for networking security could be classified into two parts :

Typical intrusion detection methods

If you have limited qualified intrusion detection staff , then knowledge based intrusion detection systems are better than behavior based intrusion detection systems for networking security, since the number of false alarms is less in knowledge based intrusion systems. 

Intrusion detection for networking security can be further classified into 

Host based intrusion detection relies on having a software loaded on the appropriate computer servers that are being monitored. The host based intrusion detection software reads log files and other traces of intrusion in order to detect malicious activity. Typically host based intrusion detection is used for detection of internal organizational computer intrusion detection.

Network intrusion detection methods for networking security rely on monitoring network traffic either real time or thru offline logs and detecting intrusions into host computers.Network  intrusion detection methods are useful typically in intrusion detection for networking security from computers external to the organization.

Intrusion detection data mining for networking security

The most important problem with intrusion detection systems for networking security is 'data overload'. A technique needs to be devised to minimize the quantity of data to be analyzed by intrusion detection systems so that the system administrators in charge of networking security can have some control over their lives and also do a decent job of intrusion detection. 

Using intrusion detection data mining techniques for networking security is the only option available to make  knowledge based intrusion detection easier and make the whole concept of intrusion detection for networking security more manageable

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