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Honeypot Intrusion detection reviews for networking security

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What is honeypot intrusion detection ?

Intrusion detection Honeypots are like Trojans using the Trojan Horse to trap the Greeks!

Assume the Greeks have left the Trojan horse with their soldiers at the gates of Troy. The Trojans drag the Trojan horse into Troy. The Greeks creep out of the Trojan horse late at night...only to find the entire Trojan army waiting to dismember them.

The Honeypot intrusion detection principle

The Trojan role reversal is  the basic Intrusion detection honeypot principle. Intrusion detection honeypots allow you to lay a trap for the hacker or cracker who forever uses Trojans of varous kinds against you. 

Intrusion detection honeypots are typically :

Are intrusion detection honeypots risky?

Intrusion detection honeypots are risky,since they do intentionally provide real access to system files. In case the hacker or intruder is smart enough , he could actually use the intrusion detection honeypot to compromise the
entire system and lay his hands on the 'real honey' in the form of mission critical data and sensitive data.

Types of intrusion detection honeypots

  • The research based honeypot intrusion detection systems are simpler and easier to create
  • Research based honeypot IDS are typically used by corporates 
  • Research based honeypot intrusion detection systems capture limited information about the network intruder.

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