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Frontpage web hosting packages

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What is Frontpage web hosting?

Frontpage web hosting refers to FrontPage web hosting server extensions being installed on the web hosting server.

Frontpage web hosting is the right choice for 
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Typically, the additional rates for Frontpage web hosting are 5-10$/month- some budget web hosting providers also give Frontpage web hosting with no extra cost 

Most top line and budget web hosting providers such as Lunarpages and Ipowerweb web hosting provide Frontpage web hosting

Caveats to note before using Frontpage web hosting

Make sure your client software Microsoft Frontpage version matches that of the server extensions supported by the Frontpage web hosting provider.

Many experienced webmasters have gone through bad experiences in Frontpage web hosting due to the incompatibility of client versions of Frontpage and corresponding Frontpage server extensions in the Frontpage web hosting providers. The absence of good  backward compatibility between Frontpage server extensions in various Frontpage web hosting configurations makes the whole prospect of hosting Frontpage web pages a difficult task (precisely what Frontpage web hosting was designed to avoid!)  

 So,the moral of the story is - ensure that versions of Frontpage server extensions of your Frontpage web hosting provider  are the same as your Frontpage client software.

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