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Disk care to reduce data recovery costs

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Prevention of disk damages are the first steps towards reducing disk recovery costs

We have a four-pronged (DVCB) approach to disk care.This applies to all kinds of disks.

    Keep your disks away from dust - this may not seem too great a piece of advice-but tell me,how many of us do remember to dust our disks.This will definitely prevent disk damage and reduce data recovery costs in the future!

    I know,I know,these anti-virus companies charge a lot,but you will be spending a lot more on higher disk data recovery prices,unless you keep a commercial updated anti-virus software such as McAfee

    Keep the disks at the temperature mentioned in the operating manual,typically just prevent the disks from being exposed to direct heat or temperatures above 30 degrees C and you should be okay and reduce your data recovery costs

    Every newbie in the IT business has to go thru one major data recovery disaster to understand the importance of backups and more importantly cataloguing the backups.Do you guys have a scheduled backup plan? Do you check whether the backups are all-right or just pray after a crash.Well,apologies for pontificating but I make the same mistakes :-) Backups cost money- but that's much lower than your data recovery costs

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