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Data replication FAQ-Data replication is the latest trend in data storage

What is data replication? Read on for all information on data replication

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Data replication is the latest trend in data storage in Fortune 500 companies. Data replication refers to taking an online backup of corporate data to a remote location-also referred to as disk mirroring Read on for more details on why data replication is such an exciting trend and the factors to consider why choosing data replication

Data replication software - Key features

  • Unlike backup on tapes and disks, data replication is usually online and in real time.
  • Data replication is usually done over the internet or a corporate leased line connection
  • Data replication ensures restoration of backed up mirrored data in a very short span of time- usually a matter of a couple of hours - depending on the size of the data
  • Data replication can be a computer platform independent choice to ensure high availability, failsafe mission critical applications since data replication can be used for Linux,Unix,Windows, IBM As 400 and even other mainframe environments.

Data replication- when is data replication a good option?

  • Data replication is an excellent option when  a large amount of  bandwidth is available to the remote location, resulting in almost synchronous disk mirroring and  data replication
  • Data replication fits into the organization's security policy.
    Data replication calls for remote data transfers of possibly sensitive corporate data- The security policy of an organization may prohibit data transfer through the internet especially of mission critical database files.
  • Data replication is in tune with the organization's data center disaster recovery management policy
    Data replication can  be easily synchronized with the organization's disaster recovery data center management policy. If the remote backup location for all database and file data replication is the same as the corporate disaster recovery data center, then it obviates the need for an additional sanctity check on the data protection facilities of the remote data center.
  • Data replication offers obvious advantages over physical backups on tapes and disks- backup tapes and disks have a tendency to crash when they are most needed

Data replication - The bottomline

Data replication -the latest trend in data storage - is a great mechanism of ridding your organization of archaic tape and disk backups-however a holistic approach is needed before  choosing data  replication as the sole data backup and data retrieval strategy since tape backup and disk backup  may still make sense in some cases.

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