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Data center strategy-Have a clear data center strategy

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What do you mean by data center strategy?

Defining a data center strategy 

Organizations are  realizing that there is a definite need to have a data center strategy. 

Some of the pointers to consider while defining your data center strategy

Alignment with corporate strategy

In view of recent disasters,CEOs of corporations along with CIOs  are beginning to play an active role in deciding the data center strategy and its alignment with corporate strategy. At stake is primarily not the investment but the company's attitude towards handling risk. The data center strategy of an organization is often an indicator of the organization's corporate risk strategy.

Near-shore data center strategy  or a far-offshore data centers

 Should organizations have a near-shore data center strategy or a far-offshore backup strategy? Most organizations are opting for a near-shore data center disaster recovery strategy.

For example,an organization with a data center primarily in New York city will opt for a data center in New Jersey or say Burlington. The reasons for this popular data center strategy is often internal organizational control equations that is disguised as bandwidth costs and technical practicality.

Case for a far-shore data center strategy

Organizations should opt for a far-shore data center strategy in combination with a near shore data center approach. Bandwidth costs have drastically dropped and is no longer an excuse for safeguarding corporate data.



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