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Compare ISCSI Vs Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) (Fibre Channel)

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 'Can you please compare ISCSI Vs Fibre Channel  SANs (storage area networks?'  This is a question often asked by our data storage enthusisasts , and we have decided to dedicate this article towards a comparison of ISCSI Vs Fibre Channel storag area network. 

Compare ISCSI Vs Fibre Channel storage area networks- Which data storage protocol is more advanced?

An apt way to compare ISCSI Vs Fibre Channel storage area networks is to mention that SCSI storage area networks were the past, Fibre Channel storage area networks are the present and ISCSI storage area networks are the future of storage area networks.

For the sake of a simple comparison, ISCSI SANs are more advanced in theory than Fibre Channel SANs. However , while making that explicit statement in comparing ISCSI with Fibre Channel SANs,one must realize that the ISCSI technology is still not commercially well developed in comparison to Fibre Channel SANs and a lot of research still needs to be done for ISCSI storage area networks to be the leader compared to Fibre Channel SANs.

Compare ISCSI Vs Fibre Channel storage area networks- The data storage technology

In comparing ISCSI vs Fibre Channel storage area networks,one should be conscious of the technologies involved. Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) (Fibre Channel) SANs use a serial bus protocol that is called the Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)

In comparison to Fibre Channel, ISCSI storage area networks use SCSI over TCP networks.

Compare ISCSI Vs Fibre Channel storage area networks- When is Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel)  preferred in comparison to ISCSI SANs

A simple comparison of ISCSI Vs Fibre Channel SANs will tell us that ISCSI is preferred over Fibre Channel and outperforms Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) SANs when using small and mid-range servers with limited data transfers

Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) SANs are better when compared to ISCSI storage area networks when large database transfers and huge Input/output operations are involved. However, the ISCSI storage area network technologies are improving and will soon be available to handle the high Input/Output operations of database transfers that are currently better handled by Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) SANs in comparison.

Compare ISCSI Vs Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) SANs - Inherent advantages in the storage protocol

While comparing ISCSI Vs Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) SANs, the ISCSI data storage protocol using SCSI transfers over TCP is generally considered a superior protocol and better for distributed networks. However, the use of a byte stream in ISCSI compared to fixed length transfers in Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) SANs represents a major technological hurdle for ISCSI SANs.

In summary, when we compare ISCSI Vs Fiber Channel (Fibre Channel) SANs, we conclude that ISCSI is the better technology , but more research needs to be done to overcome its inherent problems compared to Fibre Channel SANs

For a detailed comparison of ISCSI and Fibre Channel SANs , also read

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Last modified: December 12,2006